School Visits - Preparing for Your Visit

Schools quite often ask me “How can we prepare for your visit?” or “Do you need anything special?” Here are a few things that will help you prepare for my visit to your school.

  • I have a full display of illustration samples, books, and original paintings to show the students, so two tables approx. 2 ft x 4 ft and a chair (although I rarely sit!) are greatly appreciated. Setup prior to arrival is most helpful.
  • A whiteboard with erasable whiteboard pens or chalkboard with chalk are helpful for my presentations. If your school does not have this available please let me know in advance and I can supply my own whiteboard.
  • A cup of water or bottle of water is greatly appreciated. I quite often bring my own, however, it is always nice to have a little extra after talking for long periods of time.
  • If your school is planning for a workshop, please have an area set up with desks and chairs with no more than 4 students per table. Each student will require a pencil, eraser, colouring tools (ie:pencil crayons, wax crayons, pastels, watercolour paints)and 4 sheets of blank white paper (8 1/2 x 11 or 11 x 14 ). (See Teachable Topics)
  • Because I hand out stickers and colouring sheets to the students, a class size list is helpful prior to my arrival. Additionally a time schedule is also appreciated with the various grade levels listed. This can be emailed to .
  • If your school would like to order books and have them signed during my visit, please contact me at 1-877-525-7519 or email to order your books prior to my arrival. I would be more than happy to bring them with me and sign them at the end of the day. Additionally, I would be more than happy to sign any books that are already in your school library.
  • Last but not least, have your creative caps on and plan for a day of fun and excitement, and please have your students prepare for my visit..have them familiarize themselves with my books, have them visit my website or discuss my work within the classroom…all of these activities can help make my visit a special one.
Recent testimonials from my school visits:

  • “We could not be happier with the quality of Dianna's presentations. Age appropriate, interesting, fun and informative. We look forward to having you back in the future!”

    Jennifer Boal

    Ellison Elementary School

  • “Your presentations surpassed all expectations when you visited our school. The information you covered and the illustrations you brought to share were inspiring! Your rapport with students came through as you adjusted the session appropriately for different grade levels. A superb day!”

    Erika Godfrey

    Craigflower Elementary School

  • “The kids LOVED Dianna's presentations and she was very accommodating!”

    Suzanne Hall

    Alexander Robinson School

  • “Dianna was tuned into the students and spoke their language. This is a person who knows young children!”

    Michele Weintz

    Springvalley Elementary School