Leon’s Song

Leon's Song

By Stephanie Simpson McLellan

Illustrated By
Dianna Bonder

Fitzhenry and Whiteside    October 2004

ISBN (softcover):
Price: $9.95 (CDN dollars)

Leon is a rather old and homely frog. Other frogs in the pond are more handsome and can swim faster and leap higher, and Leon is allright with that. But when Leon hears the frog Romeo sing, his heart aches – for Romeo is the greatest singer on the pond. When Romeo opens his mouth all the pond dwellers are spellbound. Leon’s humble croak cannot compare and while he is inspired by Romeo’s beautiful voice he dreams of making such a difference himself. Leon isn’t going to have to wait very long. Something is about to happen which will threaten the pond dwellers and their way of life forever. And to protect them all, Leon will find a talent no one knew he possessed.

Shortlisted - Chocolate Lily Award 2005
Shortlisted - Blue Spruce Award 2005

Softcover: $9.95 (CDN dollars)