Avacodspiel Anyone?

So what do you do with a bunch of ripe avocados? Make an avocadospiel of course!! My daughter Ekko had to make an instrument on her own for her Noteworthy Kids gathering and we came up with this really cool idea. The interesting thing is that each pit has a slightly different pitch so Ekko had to tune the instrument by selecting the pit with the highest pitch to the lowest pitch. We used a hot glue gun and Ekko even had the idea to make a holder for the mallet.
Not only was this a great way to explore music methodology and the making of an instrument but it allowed us to recycle and find uses for garbage, encouraged us to be creative (to think outside of the box), work together as a team and it taught us that everything around us can create sound…. Who would have thought an avocado pit could do all that??



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