Marvellous Mess!!!!

After a busy week of running around to various activities and work, the girls and I spent Saturday just relaxing and crafting. Only 2 more weeks till the Christmas Craft Fair and soooooo much to do!!! We spent the day knitting and felting and sewing and began painting our letter magnets. These are so easy to make and so fun that even my 4 year old got into it. She painted a least half of them herself and she was in the greatest mood ever. I think the combination of making a mess, creating something with mom and her sister and being productive was the perfect set up for her. We sang our ABC song as we created and talked about words that begin with each letter. As I have said before, homeschooling happens in those moments when you least expect it. If someone were observing us they might think we were just making crafts but it was so much more than that….I realize education happens every single second of the day….when you really pay attention you will discover so many things about how we learn. I am so grateful for this time with my children and sharing in their education and look……we painted over 120 magnets while we were educated :)


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