Pedro the Pirate

Pedro the Pirate

By Tim Hoppey

Illustrated By
Dianna Bonder

Raven Tree Press    June 2012

ISBN (hardcover): 978-1936299188
Price: $16.95 (CDN dollars)

Pedro yearns for the pirate’s life. Though he is only the cabin boy on Captain Crossbones’ ship, he daydreams about becoming a real pirate. When that chance finally comes, Pedro steals a mermaid’s gold locket. The mermaid chastises Pedro, but he laughs and boasts, “It’s what we pirates do!” That initial boast, however, soon gives way to regret as Pedro contemplates his actions. He resolves to return the locket and to free the mermaid that Captain Crossbones holds captive. The outcome is a happy one as Pedro expresses his contrition to the mermaid, and assures her that the pirate’s life is not for him.

Shortlisted for the Langley School Book of the Year Award

Hardcover: $16.95 (CDN dollars)