Are we homeschooling yet?

 Are we homeschooling yet? My very keen 4 year old is ready and willing but am I ? Being a homeschooling mom means starting your day being prepared for anything and living on the edge of unpredictability. I never quite know how things are going to take form and as much as that is frightening for me it is also very liberating for me and my children. Having some predictable routine is great but not always knowing what life is going to bring is exciting and keeps me feeling alive. My girls often invent things that are far more thrilling than anything I could have come up with….like the day we cut out 37 paper bats to hang up for Halloween….much more interesting than working on math basics….and what did we learn you ask?? We learned how to cut bats out carefully, we learned how to trace from a template, we learned to count, we learned drawing skills, we learned colours and pattern placement to best utilize your sheet of paper, we learned family relationships, we talked, we laughed, we organized our bats and displayed them throughout the house……and best of all…..we had fun and my girls will always remember the time we made paper bats.

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