Kindergarten Blues – My most recent creative effort

Kindergarten Blues have taken their hold this week. Actually, they are not really blue…just subtle shades of. 

I really thought the first days of school were going to bring much joy but instead brought big bouts of crocodile tears and much drama. If kindergarten was this tough what would the rest of my daughters school years be like? All my creative pursuits and projects have literally been put on hold while the entire household has been turned upside down. Sorry deadlines, sorry customers and sorry publishers! Kindergarten has it’s grip on me at the moment and nothing else matters (or so it seems) It’s all about getting snacks ready in the morning, getting my reluctant child dressed and making sure her “correspondence folder” makes it back to the teacher. Life really is on hold right now but I think I see the light through the end of the tunnel..I think ??  Today was actually better than the day before and the day before that…perhaps I will get a drawing done today or maybe even a few brushstrokes on this lonely looking canvas? Maybe I will answer a few emails….maybe….maybe…… it’s time to go and pick her up. I guess there is always tomorrow :)

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