Oodles and Oodles of Paintings!!

So I have finished laying out most of the illustrations that are finished for Pedro the Pirate on my studio floor and it appears as though I have oodles and oodles of paintings scattered upon my studio floor!! Wow….whew!! This is a lot of work….and to think, I”m not even done yet! Yikes!

But have no fear, I am almost there and the end is in sight. For those of you eagerly waiting for Pedro the Pirate, I am about 4 paintings away from being done….so that’s a positive bit of news. Now…if I could only find where I put my floor :) Anyways, if any of you wanted to see how many illustrations make up a book, well, this is a pretty good example of how many pieces it takes to make a book tick.

2 Responses to “Oodles and Oodles of Paintings!!”

  1. Sophie says:

    You do ingredible work! I love it! Its like disappearing into another world! :-)

  2. Karla says:

    Love all your work

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