Pedro- It’s Almost Done!

For those of your following the “Pedro Saga” , I thought I should show you one of the most recent pieces I have been working on. I think I have 4 more originals to get done before the deadline so I am frantically working away in my little studio. Yikes!! It feels like I have been painting Pirates and Mermaids for an eternity! This piece reflects a scene where Pedro is rowing a boat to get Captain Crossbones to shore. It’s a funny moment in the story when we realize that poor little Pedro really does do all the work for a very motley crew! Anyways…keep watching as I will be posting some detailed works in progress over the next few days.

2 Responses to “Pedro- It’s Almost Done!”

  1. Terri christ says:

    Onward and upward……congradulations on the new endevour.

  2. daphne says:

    Pedro… – was well worth waiting for…just gorgeous combinations of shapes , colours, expressions, moods…

    Thank you so much dianna for giving our community such an exciting, social, beautiful and very generous event.


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