Pedro the Pirate is almost complete…


 Pedro the Pirate is almost done and will be in bookstores in November 2011. The cover and interiors are close to being finished and I just have a few more bits and pieces to do. In my upcoming posts I am going to share a few roughs and the process in which I use to complete my illustrations. I have discovered a lovely new watercolour paper while doing this book called Lanaquarelle(thanks to fellow illustrator Lorna Bennett)  Beautiful finish, ideal for pencil and watercolour application. This is truly the most exquisite paper I have used to date.  I am loving it’s ability to handle the various medium I use as well as it’s strength and resiliancy. I think one of my biggest struggles over the years has been in trying to find that “perfect” paper (if there ever was one) and I believe I may have found it. Now I may rest in peace!

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  1. christy says:

    oh i cannot wait to get a copy for me and all the little ones i know!!!

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