Exciting new book projects for 2011

Well with the spring flowers come some exciting new projects. I am busily working on a new project with an American Publisher, Raven Tree Press. This new book is titled “Pedro the Pirate” and you guessed it, it’s a book about a pirate!! But not just any old pirate..it’s about a cabin boy that wants desperately to BE LIKE A PIRATE!! There is also a spanish speaking parrot in the mix which makes for a fun, bilingual story. Due for release in spring 2011.

Secondly, I am just ironing out the final few wrinkles with a new book with Whitecap Publishers out of North Vancouver, BC. This is a book I have both written and illustrated called “Seaside Symphony in the Key of A, B and C” ….it’s just a working title for now…so if it seems a bit wordy, have no fear….we may shorten it!! The book is another of my infamous alphabet books about the sea and all the musical creatures we might find…that accompanied with a full blown symphony orchestra…and you have “Seaside Symphony!” Due to hit bookstores in fall 2011.

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  1. christy says:

    oh i am excited for BOTH these ocean creations!!!

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