Waking up at 5am is for the birds….

Well today I begin the journey of trying to keep a somewhat daily blog or at least a weeekly blog. It’s a difficult thing to do when your day begins at 5 o’clock in the morning with a toddler hitting you in the head with a sippy cup. Sure…an early beginning to your day can accomplish so many things….like a beautiful walk down to the beach to watch the sunrise…a hot cup of coffee with the morning paper….a chance to catch up on some much needed reading…..but with a 2 1/2 year old….well, these things are just not possible. For the first 20 minutes we have long discussions about juice or milk and what “kind” of sippy cup we are going to use today. We then contemplate what we are going to wear, what we are going to eat (or not eat) and how many high pitched screams it’s going to take to get another cup of juice out of mommy. By 6 am we have journeyed a long way from the initial hitting on the head with the sippy cup. The day continues on a little like this…no chance ever of picking up a paintbrush or doing a rough sketch in my sketchbook. The moment I pick up what resembles a pencil I have two children at my feet asking me to colour with them or draw with them on one of the many millions of pieces of paper laying around on their craft table. As an artist my creative blip has long since gone. That special spark of an idea is lost in a blur of potty breaks. It just isn’t possible to be an artist and a mommy at the same time!

Or is it?

This is what I am contemplating this day at 5am…is it still possible to create and be a mom? Of course I manage to do it (sometimes) but I often wonder if any of the great artist’s of our time had to endure getting whacked on the head with a juice cup? I truly believe it is much more difficult being a female artist vs. a male artist. As a mother our roles are significantly different in so many ways…unless you are a single father or have taken on the role as primary caregiver a man’s role is never quite that of the mom’s. I find making a career of my art has often taken the back seat to all things “kids”. This isn’t to say I am unhappy in this role…I am just surprised at how little I am able to get done now that I am a mommy of two and yet I am still as in love and passionate about my art as ever. I want to paint more than I ever have and I have so many ideas I want to create that they are falling out of my sketchbooks. That being said, I love being a mom more than anything…..so what does a person do? A clone of myself would be great or more hours in the day would be fantastic, however, I don’t believe this is ever going to happen. So in the meantime I guess just enjoying these early days with my toddler and making the most of them is about all I can do and realizing that I will hopefully have tons of time to do all these creative things once the girls are a little bit older. And I’m sure colouring Snow White’s hair blue with my daughter is probably as good as it gets anyways :)

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  1. christy says:

    oh you crack me up! but seriously, there are not many mother artists out there making a go of it at all…let alone as successfully as you!!! you inspire me.

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