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VAG Show….a dream come true!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

IMG_6990Okay….so artists have dreams too and one of mine was to see Warhol up close and personal! So yay!! This April I had the chance to visit the VAG exhibit called Mashup. What a cool experience to see the show with my awesome girls!! If you haven’t had a chance to see the show yet make sure you do….it comes down in June and is a lifetime opportunity! Visit the Vancouver Art¬†Gallery website for more information

IMG_1955 IMG_1958 IMG_1961 IMG_1973

Avacodspiel Anyone?

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

So what do you do with a bunch of ripe avocados? Make an avocadospiel of course!! My daughter Ekko had to make an instrument on her own for her Noteworthy Kids gathering and we came up with this really cool idea. The interesting thing is that each pit has a slightly different pitch so Ekko had to tune the instrument by selecting the pit with the highest pitch to the lowest pitch. We used a hot glue gun and Ekko even had the idea to make a holder for the mallet.
Not only was this a great way to explore music methodology and the making of an instrument but it allowed us to recycle and find uses for garbage, encouraged us to be creative (to think outside of the box), work together as a team and it taught us that everything around us can create sound…. Who would have thought an avocado pit could do all that??



Campfire Cookies

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Okay….CHALLENGE: Create a snack for preschool that involves fire?? SOLUTION: Campfire Cookies….invented and created by me and my girls! Recipe is simple…..pretzel stix, melted chocolate, melted marshmallows and some food colouring….and then viola! Teeny Tiny campfires!


Marvellous Mess!!!!

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

After a busy week of running around to various activities and work, the girls and I spent Saturday just relaxing and crafting. Only 2 more weeks till the Christmas Craft Fair and soooooo much to do!!! We spent the day knitting and felting and sewing and began painting our letter magnets. These are so easy to make and so fun that even my 4 year old got into it. She painted a least half of them herself and she was in the greatest mood ever. I think the combination of making a mess, creating something with mom and her sister and being productive was the perfect set up for her. We sang our ABC song as we created and talked about words that begin with each letter. As I have said before, homeschooling happens in those moments when you least expect it. If someone were observing us they might think we were just making crafts but it was so much more than that….I realize education happens every single second of the day….when you really pay attention you will discover so many things about how we learn. I am so grateful for this time with my children and sharing in their education and look……we painted over 120 magnets while we were educated :)


Are we homeschooling yet?

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

¬†Are we homeschooling yet? My very keen 4 year old is ready and willing but am I ? Being a homeschooling mom means starting your day being prepared for anything and living on the edge of unpredictability. I never quite know how things are going to take form and as much as that is frightening for me it is also very liberating for me and my children. Having some predictable routine is great but not always knowing what life is going to bring is exciting and keeps me feeling alive. My girls often invent things that are far more thrilling than anything I could have come up with….like the day we cut out 37 paper bats to hang up for Halloween….much more interesting than working on math basics….and what did we learn you ask?? We learned how to cut bats out carefully, we learned how to trace from a template, we learned to count, we learned drawing skills, we learned colours and pattern placement to best utilize your sheet of paper, we learned family relationships, we talked, we laughed, we organized our bats and displayed them throughout the house……and best of all…..we had fun and my girls will always remember the time we made paper bats.

Homeschooling Write or Rong??

Friday, October 26th, 2012

So I have decided to dedicate some space to my NEW homeschooling endeavours. In all of my research these past few months I have found fit very difficult to find very many single moms that are homeschooling. It’s definitely unchartered territory and hence my reason for wanting to keep a blog of sorts about my homeschooling days with my two daughters. So if this is something you are at all interested please check back as I will be talking about our ups and downs and all arounds….stay tuned!