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“Miss Series” open for business

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

missfiticon Well after a year of work I finally have the concepts completed for my “Miss Series” Each of these oddly dressed little ladies comes with the distinguished title of “Miss something or other”…in this image I have titled her “Miss Match” which was originally part of a group show in which we had to use a match for inspiration. This piece inspired the series. We now have “Miss Informed” , “Miss Take” , “Miss Cellanious”, ” Miss Understood” and many others to choose from. I have enjoyed these pieces primarily because I have been experimenting with wood panels (which I love by the way) With various stages of sanding the end result is a very natural, weather beaten piece. All pieces are currently for sale in my studio which is open by appointment year round.

Getting ready for the Thanksgiving Art Tour…is it on your map this year??

Friday, August 27th, 2010


Well it’s already that time of year again…to begin thinking about the Thanksgiving Art Tour on Gabriola Island. If you have never ventured over for this 3 day weekend of art you may want to put it on your calendars for this fall. It is a very unique opportunity to visit artist’s studios in real time. You get to see how and where these wonderful artist’s work and you get to see their new pieces (in some cases) for the very first time. It’s a great opportunity to find great art and meet the creators as well. My studio will be opened once again for the full 3 days with all sorts of new pieces, old pieces, books, prints and some work from my upcoming books for 2011. Join me for some apple cider and a scone….I would love to meet you and please drop me a note if you plan on stopping by.

Pedro the Pirate is almost complete…

Thursday, August 26th, 2010


 Pedro the Pirate is almost done and will be in bookstores in November 2011. The cover and interiors are close to being finished and I just have a few more bits and pieces to do. In my upcoming posts I am going to share a few roughs and the process in which I use to complete my illustrations. I have discovered a lovely new watercolour paper while doing this book called Lanaquarelle(thanks to fellow illustrator Lorna Bennett)  Beautiful finish, ideal for pencil and watercolour application. This is truly the most exquisite paper I have used to date.  I am loving it’s ability to handle the various medium I use as well as it’s strength and resiliancy. I think one of my biggest struggles over the years has been in trying to find that “perfect” paper (if there ever was one) and I believe I may have found it. Now I may rest in peace!